General Staff Information


Our staff room is a place for all to relax!  It is important for each of us to do our part to keep it clean.  Please take care of your own dishes and clean up after yourself. 

Because parents and other community members use our staff room, we cannot assume that materials in it are secure or private.  Store confidential information in another location.  Please don’t use the staff room to store personal items not expected in a staff room.

A white board and bulletin board are in the staff room to enhance communication.  Please use the bulletin board for any papers.


Because of safety issues, students are not allowed to be in the workroom without adult supervision. Anytime that you use the last of any workroom supplies, please enter item in the book on the wall so that the office can reorder.



If you have a problem with a photocopier, please follow the on screen instructions.  If you are unable to solve the problem, please ask the office for assistance.  Report any problems needing service ASAP to the office.  If the office is busy at the time that you approach them, they will do their best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.  There maybe times that they can not get away due to no coverage/or busy.  Please let the office know if the photocopier supplies are low.  Instructions for filling the copiers with toner are on the box and the display screen.  Please put the empty workroom toner cartridges in the box beside the copier for recycling.

Please use your discretion about the items you photocopy.  We must be attentive not only to the cost and educational benefit to students, but also to the copyright laws and their limitations.  Be sure that the material you are copying, even single copies, is indeed free of copyright restrictions.  The policy of the WRDSB is that it will not provide legal protection for a person found to be in violation of the Canadian copyright laws.